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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WEB SITE: is owned and operated by retired pastor, Grady E. Lee, who, along with his son, Greg, have worked many hours to set up and operate the web site.  It is an on-going endeavor which, while in its initial stages, may require your patience.


The following is Bro. Lee’s short resume to help you better understand his anticipation and  purpose for the web site.


Bro. Lee entered the ministry in 1950,  at barely 17 years of age, (after the Lord had called him 4 years earlier), and was ordained in 1953.  In 1952, he helped the Loving Baptist Church of Sherman, Texas, to get its start by being its first (unofficial) pastor for several months, while he continued in Bible School in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Car trouble eventually required him to discontinue making the long drive each weekend


In 1953, Bro. Lee finished Bible school with a BA in Theology.  He then enrolled in the Southeastern Oklahoma State University, during which time he . . .

.....helped start the Bible Baptist Church in Durant, Oklahoma;

.....served for a time in the music and youth programs at the Fairview Baptist Church, also in Durant;

.....was pastor for one year of the First Baptist Church in Platter, Oklahoma (this little church had experienced some devastating difficulty, but rebounded with 34 adults saved and baptized,  which set the church on a course to become a successful church.)

.....met and married, his one and only, Royce Lena Ham, in 1955;


In 1956, Bro. Lee graduated from the Southeastern Oklahoma State University, with a BA in education.  The following fall, he taught school and coached basketball and baseball at Albany High School, Albany, Oklahoma, and continued to help in churches.


In 1957, Bro. Lee was called to pastor the Bible Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado, where, by 1960, the church had grown from 20-25 to over 100 in average attendance.  During this time, he also did substitute teaching in the Denver Public Schools to supplement his income while serving the Lord.


In 1960, Denver Public Schools called him to a full-time teaching position. An occupation he did not want and never intended to enter. Yet, it was God opening the door to provide for him while he served the Lord. (During the next 28 years quite a few of his students were saved and many began attending churches. He was able to influence 1000s toward God and His word, while teaching government, history, geography and economics. It was a fantastic mission field. Every precept within these subjects was filled with God’s eternal principles. His teaching was done with wisdom and candor, quietly, and without offence.   Bro. Lee taught his students, with dignity and respect, the truths of God, as these truths were integrated into every lesson. He did not use the name “God” very often, but rather would say, “the ancient Hebrews taught this concept.....” or, that Christians believed, or that the Moslems believed..... In this way he could not be accused of indoctrinating but teaching about what others believed and taught during a particular period of time. Yet the message was assimilated into the minds of the students. To this day, he still comes in contact with some of his  former students in various churches, as he visits around the state.)


In the fall of that same year, Bro Lee initiated the Haven Baptist Church, which by 1963, had became the First Baptist Church of Green Mountain. He continued to pastor there and by 1966, a new building had been constructed at 822 South Simms Street in Lakewood, Colorado, and the average attendance was nearing two hundred..


In May of 1966, Bro. Lee resigned his pastorate and took a one-year sabbatical from Denver Public School, returning to Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where he obtained a Masters Degree. While there, for less than a year, he served as pastor of the Bible Baptist Church. Using the Sunday School system explained in the web site, the church grew from an average of 25 to 94, by June of 1967.


In the summer of 1967,  he returned to Denver, resumed his teaching position, and worshiped at the East Side Baptist Church, where Bro. Carl Boonstra was pastor. While there, Bro. Lee  served as a teacher and filled pulpit needs around Colorado and Wyoming. After Bro. Boonstra moved to Springfield, Mo., to become the missions director for B.B.F., Bro. Lee and his family were led to move their membership to the Westland Baptist Church, where he served for a short time as a part-time assistant to the pastor. Bro Lee and his  family were at Westland for about 17 years under the ministry of Bro. Ed Courtney and Bro. Ron Sears. Mrs. Lee taught in the Westland Christian Academy for 15 years, while Bro. Lee’s ministry during that time was to rescue and encourage  failing churches, and to help stabilize the ministries, while searching for pastors to fill the vacant pulpits.


In 1978, and again in 1983, Bro. Lee was honored with  Fullbright Scholarships to the nation of India. While there, in 1978, he was privileged to see the Baptist Church started by Rev. Carey many years ago and to interview, with the other teachers, the honored Catholic, Mother Theresa, at her compound in Calcutta. Later in Bangalore he met Bro. J. D. Moses and his wife, Jasmine, a newly-married Christian Indian couple.  Together these three began began the establishment of an Independent Baptist Mission in India, under Bro. Moses’ direction. In 1983, while in New Delhi, Bro. Lee, along with nine other U. S. teachers, met for a  45-minute interview, with the Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi.  He then traveled to the U.S. Embassy to help obtain a visa for Bro. Moses, so that he could come to the United States and present the mission ministry. Since that time, and with the help of many American churches,  24 Independent Baptist Churches, one orphanage, a Christian School, a medical ministry, a printing ministry, a Bible College, along with several other growing ministries have been established and are going strong. Thousands have been saved and baptized.


In December of 1988, Bro. Lee retired from Denver Public Schools, following a heart attack.  After a long recovery, and, by  1990, he was serving as assistant pastor of the Mountain View Baptist Church in Denver, and making use of the Sunday School system (presented on this web site), which had earlier been proven successful to increasing attendance. Again the system was successful and the church grew from a mere eight to  the low sixties, within one year.


In 1991, Bro. Lee was asked to help the Baptist Tabernacle Church, whose attendance consisted of 6 adults and three children.  As pastor, and within less than a year, a building had been purchased at 2800 W. Oxford Street, in Sheridan, Colorado, and attendance was hovering around forty. By early 1994, Bro. Lee experienced both a second heart attack and an automobile accident, which necessitated his resigning the pastorate of the Baptist Tabernacle.  However, on two following occasions, he was honored to fill in and direct the ministry there, while the church searched for a new pastor to fill its vacant pulpit.


In 2002, the Table Mountain Baptist church, which had only a very small number attending,  had already voted to dissolve and sell the property, but called and asked  if Bro. Lee could serve as an interim pastor. Within a few weeks, and with tremendous help from Bro. Leroy Pickering (now an evangelist), the church attendance rose into the thirties. A short time later, Bro. Rodney Woodcock was extended a call and he has been the faithful pastor since.


There is one concept Bro. Lee is very proud of and that is the fact that he never left the pastorate of a church under a negative cloud or a church that was not in very good financial condition and whose property was not exceptionally improved. This also applies to all those churches he served to rescue and stabilize until a permanent pastor could be found.


Today, Bro. Lee has an income from his educational retirement and has retired from the active pastorate ministry.  However, as did the Apostle Paul throughout his life, Bro. Lee has performed secular work (1) so that he would be accountable to no person, or that he would not (2) be a burden upon the churches or upon any particular church. His ministry has been done freely, without charge, serving the Lord and churches. With the exception of only two, all of the churches he (1) has started, (2) helped to start, or (3) labored to rescue from dissolving, are still surviving and doing well. At this time, Bro. Lee is spending time writing on the topics that he considers are weakest  in our churches.  On occasion and as the need arises, he also continues to speak in churches to fill the pulpit, and sometimes he is honored to present a series on topics which he believes will strengthen churches.


It is primarily through this web site that Bro. Lee is able to continue ministering to people and carrying on the work God saved him to do.


 Bro. Lee’s diversity of experiences has given him a little different outlook and viewpoint from which to research God’s Word.   Everything in this web site is the culmination of years of college courses, Bible research, reading, listening, and synthesizing the truths of God. As you read, may you  enjoy the conclusions that the Spirit of God has led to Bro. Lee and he hopes you find them refreshing.


Please feel free to use the material in this web site as you will. Bro. Lee only asks that you do not take them and use, or print them, as your own work. (As has been done in the past.) He only asks, that however you choose to use them, printed or not, that you please give credit where credit is due. That is the only honorable course of action.


If you have questions or need help, Bro. Lee is available and will help where he can. No church is too small to ask for his help. May the Lord Bless Your Ministry


Grady E. Lee












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