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THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEB SITE… to spread the Word of God and to help clarify confusion relating to the truths of God’s Word.


Having been in the ministry since 1950, Pastor Lee, who is now retired, continues a ministry of sharing Biblical truths and practical techniques to help God’s people. The treatises in this web site are especially beneficial to young ministers and to small churches. Pastor Lee has many more treatises which will be inserted in the web site, as time and funds permit for their preparation and Internet costs.


We are happy to see quotes which have been cut and pasted from our web site onto other web sites. They are showing up in articles, chat rooms, and email replies to Internet questions. This is an indication that the word is getting out.


We offer an opportunity for anyone to participate in a solid, on-going missionary, church planting, and orphanage program based in India.


You, too, can be a part of reaching out to others and into homes around the English speaking world.



















General Web site information


             Over the years this web site has gone through many configurations, and additions. It has been the wish of Pastor Lee to supply, free of charge, information, and teaching aids for pastors and churches. We will once again be offering these items, as the original documents are being reformatted!

             On this site in future configurations, you’ll find a limited number of outlines for messages,  Sunday School outlines, and structural information which Pastor Lee has used in his 50 years of Ministry.

             Be sure to check over the Links page. We have several links to other Baptist sites, all of which have contributed to the continued work of this web site.

             On the messages page you can hear recorded messages from years past by Pastor Lee. Now arranged in streaming format to make it easier to listen to. Many more will be added as time allows!

             Most important of all we wish to use this web site as a means of reaching lost souls for Christ. If you are not sure of your place in eternity, be sure to look at the More about Christ page to learn how you too can be saved!  Pastor Lee can always be contacted via the E-mail address at the bottom of each page.


             We hope you enjoy your visit, and that you will find the documentation available here useful to your daily walk with Christ.

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