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                 A mission program in India was started in 1978, by Pastor Lee in conjunction with Bro. J. D. Moses, a graduate of a Bible college and newly-wed. Bro. Lee met Bro. and Mrs. Moses in Bangalore, India and enjoyed a long discussion about starting a Christian ministry in India. Belief in true Bible doctrine was verified by Bro. Lee and the possibility of starting the first church in Bhadravathi was an exciting discussion. Only after Bro. Lee was convinced that all was in order, was the decision made to go forward. It is clearly evident that God’s hand was in every aspect, Pastor Lee’s being there in 1978, the meeting with Bro. Moses, and Bro. Lee’s return to India in 1983, to meet with Bro. Moses again. There is no doubt that God provided and opened the way, and controlled the circumstances in order to accomplish the beginning of this, His ministry in India. Since that time, thousands have been saved, hundreds have entered the ministry, and 38 churches have been soundly established.


                 The new ministry was supported primarily by Pastor Lee during the first 5 years. This made possible the full-time ministry by Bro. Moses. During that first five years, an orphanage was started, from which many children became Christians, entered the ministry, and are now full-time pastors of the ministry.


                 In 1983, God opened the way for Bro. Lee to return to India for another six week period. While there, he and eight others met with Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the serving prime minister, for over forty five minutes. From there, Bro. Lee went to the U. S. Embassy to “speak for” Bro. Moses and helped him get a visa to come to the United States to present the ministry to American pastors.


                 Today, there is a great need for consistent monthly support of this ministry. Though a book could be written concerning how God has cared for and blessed this ministry, God still uses His people to get His work done. The ministry must have help by other churches, because most of the folk presently receptive to the gospel in India make less that a couple of dollars a day.


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