Chapter 1

Author: Apostle Luke

Written: A.D. 65††† Time span covered 32 years


Chapter 2

The lame man healed

Chapter 3

The 1st persecution

Chapter 4

The second persecution

Chapter 5

Third persecution

Chapter 6

Stephen before

the counsel

Chapter 7

Fourth Persecution

Chapter 8

Saulís persecution, and conversion

Chapter 9

Peter and the Gentiles

Chapter 10

Called Christians first in Antioch.

Chapter 11

†Peter in Prison

Chapter 12

Separate me Barnabas and Saul

Chapter 13

Iconium divided

Chapter 14

Dispute of circumcision

Chapter 15

†Paul and Silas in Jail

Chapter 16

uprising in Thessalonica

Chapter 17

Paul in Corinth

Chapter 18

Paul at Ephesus

Chapter 19

Paul at Miletus

Chapter 20

Paul goes to Jerusalem

Chapter 21

Paul speaks to the crowd

Chapter 22

Paul before the chief priests

Chapter 23

Paul before Felix

Chapter 24

I appeal unto Caesar.

Chapter 25

Paul before Agrippa

Chapter 26

Paul taken to Rome

Chapter 27

Paul at Rome

Chapter 28

On to Romans